About Us


Our mission is to improve ourselves, our community, and our industry one project at a time.

How Much Guru was created so we could spend more time with our families!  Like most contractors, we had stacks of estimates that needed to be processed and often that would happen on nights and weekends. So, we created an intelligent spreadsheet to streamline the process, and “The Brain” was born. To then take it to the next level, we turned to tech experts to transform The Brain into “How Much Guru,” an app that allows homeowners to generate their own inital cost ranges, saving time for both us and our clients.

We are not software engineers, but our team of specialists in software design, software development, and software as a service (SaaS) enabled us to produce a web-based system that fellow contractors can use with confidence.

This is just the start.  We hope that you join us as we continue to improve the experience and relationship of contractors with their clients.

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