“How Much?” 

is the universal question. 


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Let your website provide the answer by allowing your prospective clients to access a comprehensive database of real costs by using a simple graphical calculator. For every completed calculator session, you get a full project breakdown that can be modified using real-world variables. Your prospective client gets immediate answers and peace of mind.


Built by contractors for contractors, How Much Guru is a powerful, remodeling estimator with a instant project-pricing calculator for your website.

Like most remodeling shows on TV, existing online construction calculators can be wildly misleading. Online cost calculators are usually hosted by third-party websites and at best, offer regional or industry cost averages.  How Much Guru offers a customized solution that is easy for you and your prospective clients to use.

Real Pricing

Customized with your real costs that reflect real pricing.

Guided Options

Step-by-step interface for your clients requiring no construction knowledge.

Why How Much Guru?

No matter how big or small your operation, estimating is a time-consuming aspect of our profession. Whether you have a full-time estimator or you calculate on your own, the time spent on each estimate can range from several hours to several days.

How Much Guru is a subscription-based application with a self-serve calculator embedded within your website that gives prospective clients the ability to quickly obtain price ranges for your services.  Loaded with familiar floor plans and icons, the calculator provides common options for a variety of construction projects. Prospective clients can modify offerings for size and level of finish. They can also choose to have the descriptions and selections emailed for further evaluation.  Either way, you can decide how much information you want to share. 

Each completed calculator session kickstarts the estimating process by providing you with a detailed material list and an Allowance Guide that will dramatically shorten the estimating cycle.

How Much Guru  is for you…​

  • If you have a website
  • If you estimate 3 or more projects per month
  • If you are frustrated with estimating

Let’s Be Honest

Estimating is a necessary evil.  Prospective clients often have no clue what remodeling costs. We asked them how it could be improved and this is what they said:


HowMuch Calculator dashboard for contractors

Source: CRM and Facebook Surveys by JOMA Construction, Fall 2021

Estimating costs you time.

See ‘How Much’ You Can Save! 

Adjust the parameters below to reflect your current time investment.

Above savings based on a 35% reduction estimating time minus the monthly calculator subscription.

After an initial setup using the proprietary Cost Wizard, only periodic updates are required to ensure that accurate cost ranges are produced by the calculator across all project types. With the click of a button, you can update older session data to reflect current pricing.

The How Much Team is constantly working on new project variations. You have the ability to choose which types of projects are available on your website’s calculator.  Whether you are a kitchen and bath remodeler or a custom home builder, the calculator can reflect the type of services you provide.

Integrate, don’t replace

How Much Guru is designed to integrate with accounting, CRM, and CMS systems. No need to replace what you have; simply upload data from completed calculator sessions and save time once prospects become clients.

It belongs to you.

How Much Guru is easy to set up, easy to use and the calculator  is embedded on your existing website.  A monthly subscription service removes the need for another large investment with questionable returns.  Use the calculator in the field to generate cost ranges in real-time, reducing client anxiety and creating important client profiles for later. 

Save time.

Give your prospective clients the ability to explore options and selections on their own before you engage them in your sales process. Automatically gather project information, create client profiles, and kickstart the estimating process.  How Much Guru is a true time-saver.